Celebrating Blüthner Pianos

Celebrating Blüthner Pianos: Courtney Pianos

Courtney Pianos make no secret that we admire the classic piano makes. Blüthner pianos being no exception.

Who could ignore the vast array of stellar talent who chose Blüthner as their preferred piano brand?

Composers such as Prokofiev, Bruckner, Shostakovich Grieg, Dvorák, Debussy, Ravel, Wagner, Mahler, Rachmaninov and Liszt are just some of the high profile names of Blüthner owners.

Over 165 Years of Piano Excellence

Blüthner Pianos is still a family run business, having been established by Julius Blüthner in Leipzig, 1853.

By 1900, Blüthner was the largest piano maker in Germany, producing around 5,000 instruments each year.

Today, The pianos are still made in Leipzig Germany and maintain their worldwide reputation for manufacturing the finest, hand-crafted pianos available.

The Blüthner Sound

Blüthner pianos are renowned for their clear, warm, rich sound. I an interview with Classic FM Radio, Dr. Christian Blüthner-Haessler, the CEO of Blüthner described the Blüthner sound as

“They create a dark, chocolate sound with a sparkling treble” and “having a singing element to them”.

We couldn’t agree more! So what, you might ask is the secret? We believe it’s in the quality of the product and that quality exists because of the company vision and ethos.

Blüthner Longevity

Julius Blüthner Pianofortefabrik GmbH to cite the company’s formal name is a business which has been a successful, family-run company since the 19th century.

That ability to keep going, to be a brand that endures is reflected in the product. Subsequentially, longevity is crucial to the Blüthner company. Their instruments are made to last for a lifetime and beyond. The Blüthner family has adhered to the same traditions and mission since the company was founded.

What Makes Them Sound Different?

When you speak to pianists about what makes them love Blüthner pianos so much, you will get the same answer over and over again.

“It’s the warm sound”, they say, “The Golden Tone” or “The Romantic Feeling”

Blüthner pianos have strings that are single-hitched, as opposed to the standard looped strings. Strings are hitched on a pin, which leads directly onto individual tuning pins by the keys.  Blüthner pianos also have an additional string in the treble, this additional string resonates in harmony with the main notes. This is what creates the rich overtones and “colours” which modulate on the soundboard.”

All that Heritage, Aren’t they old Fashioned?

One might be fooled into thinking that a company with so much history, might be stuck in their ways, but a business with over 165 years of history didn’t remain in business by failing to move with the times.   Far from it! Successful businesses are dynamic, innovative and flexible.  Blüthner move with the times incorporating new techniques, technology and design styles.

For example, They have a brand of digital pianos with models such as the e-Klavier 1-3, Pianette, PRO-88 EX, Homeline, e-volution and e-Grand.  All with different looks and designed to meet the specific needs of modern Pianists.

As if this wasn’t enough, they’ve also combined the traditional with the very best in modern materials to deliver the Stunning Crystal Edition pianos. This fusion of Wood, Iron and transparent acrylic material.

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