Piano Cabinets

You can tell a lot about a piano from the style of its case or cabinet. The differing styles that appear on upright & grand pianos reflect the manner in which design fashions have evolved over the last 150 years. From the earliest cottage upright through to the more modern piano, there has been a gradual loss of decorative cabinet styles in favour of the simpler, more streamline design.

The change seen in piano cabinet styles over the years is less apparent in the grand piano and more striking in the upright. Overall, piano legs, pedal-lyres and music rests have become plainer but the general silhouette of the grand remains almost identical to how it looked over 100 years ago.

Almost all of the pianos displayed throughout our website and on this page are instruments that been beautifully restored having passed through our workshop.


P. Whiteman

I am absolutely delighted with the appearance of the piano - it looks every bit as marvelous as I had hoped it would. The level of finish is quite superb - a true restoration!

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