Read what our customers have to say about us…


P. Whiteman (West London)

Just a quick note to say how impressed I was with the prompt arrival and care taken by your delivery team. I am absolutely delighted with the appearance of the piano – it looks every bit as marvellous as I had hoped it would. The level of finish is quite superb – a true restoration!


P.G. Fisher MBE (Andover)

On behalf of the Officers’ Mess and all Members here at Andover, I write to thank you for the outstanding work that you and your team have done refurbishing our Steinway Piano. We are absolutely delighted with it and the one serious pianist who has played it so far, who incidentally has owned one of this own just like it in the USA, said it is a superb instrument and he was very envious.

M Meldrum (South Coast)

Thank you ever so much for your lovely work on our piano. It has arrived and we nearly did not recognise it! The wood grain is so beautiful and something we did not expect. And the sound is lovely.

K Swaine (Herts)

I wanted to write and that you and let you know how delighted I am to be reunited with my old Broadwood piano and to share my amazement at what an amazing piano you have restored it to! The way it sounds and plays is almost unrecognisable to me, the touch is completely different and the sound is very much richer. It is a delight to play. I never realised how much potential for great sound my piano had!

F Hobdell (Salisbury)

I am just writing to say thank you so much for the wonderful work you have undertaken in restoring my Richard Lipp Baby Grand Piano. It looks truly beautiful inside and out and I have spent many hours practising on it already.

B Dear (Witney)

Thank you very much for your sympathetic approach to my piano problem; if you take that attitude to other piano owners, you will probably have many years’ work ahead of you!

C Humphries (University of Huddersfield)

Let me say again what a fantastic job you and your team have done restoring my piano to its former glory. When I first saw I, I could see I had potential, but I had no idea just how much it could be transformed!

D Hayden (Hungerford)

Thank you so much for the wonderful work you and your staff have done for the restoration of my much loved Bechstein. It has surpassed all expectations…

A Stow (Winchester)

I really am very thrilled with my piano, the sound of it and the look of it (The rosewood case has come up quite wonderfully hasn’t it?) I can’t keep away from it and am so enjoying practising for hours.

C Osbourne (North Oxon)

I just want to take this opportunity to thank you and those who worked so devotedly on the Schiedmayer. It is truly a wonderful piano that has filled our home with beautiful tones and elegance beyond our expectations!

N Putnam (Cheshire)

My thanks again to you and all the team…for the splendid work on my piano it is a joy to play and I’m sure will provide years of pleasure.

I Baxter (Coventry)

Needless to say I am delighted with the work and restoration and took great pleasure in occasionally visiting during the rebirth. I am not only impressed with the quality of the workmanship, although it is no less (even better) than I had expected, but also with the very encouraging and cheerful approach of you colleagues and good self.

J Sherbourne (Reading)

We’re both very pleased with it (Bluthner Boudoir Grand Piano) and have been playing it a lot! You and your staff have done a super job – many thanks!

J LeBon (Morcombelake)

Thank you for me STUNNING piano! It is really far too elegant and beautiful for my humble cottage but I am over the moon.

R Moody (Tetbury)

We are thrilled with the results! I didn’t imagine the piano would look so beautiful.

J Pocket (Cheadle)

Thank you for the invitation to visit the ‘works’. It was a delight to meet craftsmen, who took such pride in their work.

J Hosking (Dorset)

My piano was safely delivered on Monday and is everything I hoped I would be. Many thanks to you and your colleagues for the brilliant work you have done.

M. W. Threadgold (Leamington Spa)

The piano is wonderful! It sounds excellent and looks excellent too!

H Burniston

I am delighted to have the piano back at home. It is superb, the tone and touch are superb and the case looks magnificent. I am very pleased to have such a good friend returned to such beautiful condition and am grateful for your efforts of craftsmanship and professionalism.