Piano Action Repairs

restoring piano action keys and dampers

One of the most common piano repairs we see here at Courtney Pianos is that of the action.  Action repairs are usually performed as part of a broader piano restoration project.

The piano action mechanism, or simply “the action” of a piano is the mechanical parts which translate keypresses into the sound of a note.

When someone presses the piano keys this causes a small hammer inside the piano to move, striking the strings creating the sound.

Why The Action Is Important

The action of a piano is certainly very important. Without it, the piano would be useless, but all pianos have different actions and the action determines how might or heavy the keys feel to the pianist’s touch.

Pianists will often have a piano adjusted to suit their style, or traditionalists will want to ensure that a piano matches its original manufactured specification.

The action of a piano consists of several parts such as the levers, flanges, hammers, springs, jacks and dampers.

It’s essential that these parts are not only in proper working order, but are not compromised by wear and tear, sustained over many years of playing, and general degeneration over the years.

Book Your Piano Restoration

  • Restore the piano soundboard
  • Restring and re-pin the piano frame
  • Restore/rebuild the action/keyboard/damper assembly
  • Strip down and hand repolish the cabinet to reveal the pianos natural woodgrain
  • Raise to pitch and stretch strings, fine-tune to A-440
  • Extensively regulate the touch and damping
  • Overhaul the pianos pedal assembly

If your piano is having any issues such as sticky keys, notes or groups of notes sounding out of tune notes sustaining too long or if the sound appears muffled, you could have problems with your action.

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