Piano restoration is the art of transforming older, worn-out, traditional pianos to their former glory

Restoring the finest traditional pianos is our passion; it is our main activity, something in which we take a great deal of pride.

We carry out the majority of work here in our workshops in Oxford; we do not send pianos away cheaply to Eastern Europe for reconditioning or restoration (which many other firms do).

In a typical piano restoration, we will do all of the following:

  • Restore the piano soundboard
  • Restring and re-pin the piano frame
  • Restore/rebuild the action/keyboard/damper assembly
  • Strip down and hand repolish the cabinet to reveal the pianos natural woodgrain
  • Raise to pitch and stretch strings, fine tune to A-440
  • Extensively regulate the touch and damping
  • Overhaul the pianos pedal assembly

Piano Restoration before… and after (Drag middle button)

We appreciate the skills and dedication shown by the original craftsmen who built these fine instruments, and endeavour to show the same commitment when we restore them back to their former glory, to last for another 100 years. A true piano restoration.

If you have a lovely older piano that you cherish but which no longer looks or performs at its best, why not consider sending it to us for restoration, and we will give it a new lease of life?

See Our Piano Restoration

Take a look at our Grand Piano page and Upright Piano page to see some examples of unusual pianos we have restored.


H. Burniston

I am delighted to have the piano back at home. It is superb, the tone and touch are superb and the case looks magnificent. I am very pleased to have such a good friend returned to such beautiful condition and am grateful for your efforts of craftsmanship and professionalism.

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