Piano Polishing & Finishing

Piano Polishing is Important. Over their lifetime, most piano cabinets will have lost their original shine and beauty of the polished wood. The original cabinet is likely to have scratches, dents, fading or cracked polish. Although pianos are musical instruments first,  part of the attraction of antique or traditional pianos is the elegance of each individual cabinet, which could be ebonised or contain a fine veneer, such as Rosewood, Mahogany, Oak or Burr Walnut. Some may even have an unusual design or contain fine inlaid marquetry. Find out more here.

piano polishing


Finishing Touches

Once all the restoration work has been completed, the refitting of the various sections together will now be necessary. The tasks now needed include the following:

  • Raise the new strings to pitch, stretching strings
  • Level the keyboard, set depth of touch
  • Final tuning to concert pitch
  • Fit the action/keyboard/dampers to the piano
  • Extensive regulation of action & dampers
  • Clean & polish brass work & assemble cabinet
  • Overhaul pedal assembly and adjust


restored piano strings


H. Burniston

I am delighted to have the piano back at home. It is superb, the tone and touch are superb and the case looks magnificent. I am very pleased to have such a good friend returned to such beautiful condition and am grateful for your efforts of craftsmanship and professionalism.

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