Benefits Of Renting A Piano

Welmar Upright Piano

Benefits Of Renting A Piano: Courtney Pianos

Wouldn’t you love to have a piano? Put off by the price of buying one? We can admit, a new piano isn’t cheap. It is, of course, a luxury item and certainly not a purchase that can be made lightly.

This is why we at Courtney Pianos, Oxford, have a broad selection of pianos available to hire.   Hiring a piano allows you the choice of several famous piano brands at an affordable monthly price.

Unless you are an expert or have a lot of time to research the size, dimensions, tones of every piano brand, then buying a piano is full of risks. Renting a piano reduces the risks you’d face when buying.

Welmar Upright Piano

Find The Right Piano To Suit You

By hiring a piano, you can get a feel for whether the instrument is right for you. This makes more sense than committing to high ticket purchases, only to discover later, that you chose badly. With rentals, you can change the piano if it’s not quite right.

Get A Piano To Match Your Style & Fits Your Home

Pianos come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes. When you rent, you have more flexibility about which piano fits the designated space for the instrument as well as fitting in with the décor of your home. It might be better to buy an upright if you have limited space but still have your heart set on having a piano in your home.

Alternatively, for those with a little more space, a Baby Grand is an increasingly popular option. They have all the elegance and finesse of the Grand, but simply take up less space.

Are You Really Committed to Learning?

Whether you are getting the piano for yourself or your children, renting a piano will allow you to test the level of interest of the student.

There are literally thousands of pianos sitting in homes, that are rarely or never played. Piano rentals give you the ability to test your ambition before you purchase, or pay for lessons.

Practice On A High-quality Instrument

The sound matters. People learning an instrument are often become discouraged when playing on poor quality instruments. The sound isn’t quite right, or the build just doesn’t feel right.

Renting a good quality piano will give the student a better, more encouraging experience. This should hopefully increase their interest and dedication, and help them to improve at a faster rate.

Rent First Buy Later

When you rent, you often have the ability to apply the monthly payments to the purchase price if you decide to buy.

Courtney Pianos provide a broad selection of upright and grand pianos. For more information about renting a piano, click here.

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