Our Terms & Guarantees

How long do you guarantee your work?

All our work is guaranteed for five years; however, the structural integrity of a restored piano (i.e. soundboard, wrest plank, bridges, frame etc.) is guaranteed for one year as we cannot be held liable for future events outside our control.

What does this apply to?

Our 5 year guarantee applies to all our restoration work and all pianos offered for sale.

Does your guarantee apply to infestations, such as woodworm or moths?

All the work we carry out in our restored instruments is checked carefully before the piano is returned or offered for sale. When dealing with pianos up to 110 years old, it is inevitable that some of them will have sustained some degree of infestation. We guarantee that any such instruments that have sustained moth or woodworm attack will have been treated to the best of our ability.
Please note – we cannot indemnify you against any future return of infestation.

What conditions would void your guarantees?

Extremes of temperature (such as dry heat or damp cold); Constantly changing temperatures; heavy or sustained over-use or abuse; lack of regular or any maintenance (such as tuning); Negligent or careless treatment by removal operators; Attempting to ‘fix’ an alleged defect, or tampering with the interior workings; housing a piano in front of a radiator, or in strong sunlight (such as in a conservatory).

Can you provide any references or testimonials?

Please visit our Testimonials Page which contains a few of the many hundreds of positive testimonials we have received from customer.


H Burniston

I am delighted to have the piano back at home. It is superb, the tone and touch are superb and the case looks magnificent. I am very pleased to have such a good friend returned to such beautiful condition and am grateful for your efforts of craftsmanship and professionalism.

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